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E-mail Me This: Graduate Research Assistantship- Cannabis biology, University of Connecticut

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  • Graduate Research Assistantship- Cannabis biology
    University of Connecticut
    Agricultural Biotechnology Laboratory, Dept. Plant Sci. & Land. Arch.

    Graduate Research Assistantship; Cannabis molecular genetics and horticulture. The Principal Investigator is working with several companies to apply knowledge of molecular genetics, horticulture management, and physiology of plant growth regulators to improve production of the non-psychotropic cannabinoid cannabidiol (CBD) in hemp Cannabis. CBD is under development as an anti-convulsive therapuetic pharmaceutical. The research program includes: A) Developing tissue culture as a cloning, transformation and regeneration platform. B) Developing a knowledge of horticultural practices and hormone physiology that allow manipulation of Cannabis growth and development to alter female flower production and CBD levels. C) Using molecular/genetic approaches to manipulate and monitor expression of genes encoding cannabinoid and terpenoid biosynthetic pathway enzymes. D) Develop horticultural practices to aid in production of hemp Cannabis in a field production context. E) Use yeast as a heterologous expression system to transfer Cannabis biosynthetic pathway genes for fermentation production of cannabinoids. Join a dedicated and vigorous team of researchers including undergraduates and post docs who are developing new knowledge in this exciting field; you can work on one or several of the above objectives. Prefer candidate with M. S. and/or B. S. degree in molecular biology but open to all. Current starting Academic Year stipend: $22,243-$23,405, plus full medical benefits and tuition scholarship. Summer salary also available. Position available as soon as Spring semester 2018 or until filled.
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