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  • Ph.D. ProRefine - Biorefining forage legumes for local production of protein feeds
    Agricultural Research for Northern Sweden
    Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

    PhD position in the research education subject: Crop Production Science

    ProRefine - Biorefining forage legumes for local production of protein feeds

    The Department of Agricultural Research for Northern Sweden offers a position as a PhD student in the research education subject: Crop Production Science. The department specialises in applied agriculture with a holistic view, which includes both crop and animal sciences, and has a clear focus on forage based dairy production systems. The department includes a research station, Röbäcksdalen. The research station is situated close to Umeå city centre and includes both a modern research barn with dairy cows, and excellent conditions for field experiments. Umeå is an expansive city with two successful universities, SLU and Umeå University. Read more about us on [url][/url].

    The Project - ProRefine

    In Sweden, livestock production, particularly ruminant production, dominates agriculture. Supply of feed protein is critical for animal production, particularly on organic farms, and many farmers rely on imported protein supplements. Grain legumes are a good source of protein; however cultivation of grain legumes in Sweden is risky due to the climate, compared with cultivation of forage legumes like red clover and lucerne. Fractionation of forage legumes, through novel harvesting and biorefining techniques, into protein- and fibre-rich feeds for monogastrics and ruminants respectively, could increase farm self-sufficiency in protein feed.

    The objectives of this PhD project are to assess the potential for using bio-refining techniques to produce protein-rich feeds from forages and assess the feed value of the fibre-rich fraction for ruminants. It will include field studies, assessing the quality of plant fractions, and predictive modelling of forage quality. The PhD project is part of a larger European project and there will be opportunities for interacting with scientists from other countries.

    Applicants should have an agronomist or Master of Science degree in crop science or animal science or a related discipline. Experience with field experimentation, forage quality, statistical analysis and simulation modelling are meriting. Good skills in English (both written and oral) are required, and the ability to understand and speak Swedish or another Scandinavian language is meriting.

    SLU is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

    A person has basic eligibility for third cycle education if they have taken a second cycle qualification or have completed course requirements of at least 240 higher education credits, including at least 60 higher education credits at second cycle education. Upper secondary school grades equivalent to English B/English 6 are a basic requirement.

    Selection among applicants meeting the requirements is made with reference to written application including curriculum vitae, copies of degrees and transcripts of academic records, one copy of the dissertation for masters or undergraduate degree, a list of at least two references familiar with the applicant's qualifications, certified knowledge of the English language and an interview.

    Read about the PhD education at SLU at [url][/url]

    [b]To Apply, please submit your application to [email][/email] marked with ref no 2018.2.5.1-904[/b]

    Further information:

    David Parsons, [email][/email], +46 (0) 90-786 8713
    Head of department, Assoc. Prof. Mårten Hetta, [email][/email] +46 (0) 90- 786 8747

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